Month: August 2015

Picos da Europa expedition 2015: day 5

The night was calm and re-energizing. The hotel uses a generator for electricity that is shut down at mid-night. After that moment, absolute silence! Only the sound of the wind persists. Some adventurous fellows stayed up and made some nice night sky images. I’ll have to come back to this amazing place and stay here a bit longer for those types of images…
Now was the day for the high mountain glorious sunrise… or was it?


Microsoft is not a reference in the photography software market, but occasionally they release some tools that I add to my toolbox or at list I find interesting. This time I came across Image Composite Editor (ICE) 2.0 which has been developped by the research branch of the brand. With ICE 2 you basically can create panoramic images from a set of images or from a video. I gave it a try recently with a handheld video capture at Piazza de Santo Pedro, Rome, Italy and… I was honestly surprised.

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