About me

Capturing sunrise at Mauritius.

Started snapping pictures quite young with a borrowed SLR from my father. A priceless piece of equipment at the time, with a 50mm lens.

By the age of 16 I received my first camera and then was where the passion surfaced. A Yashika FX-3 Super 2000. With it, developed some techniques, but still without a clear path. After being stolen during a trip, it was replaced with my current 35mm film camera, a Nikon FM2.

The digital age came upon, a small point and shoot to capture my first child baby pictures and with it all the frustration of the format at the time. By the time my second child was born, I laid my hand on my first digital SLR (Nikon D70, still in the active). This machine was only replaced in 2014 for a Nikon D700 full frame.

Regarding inspiration, I can pinpoint the moment when in 2009, during a photography workshop, I came across what was my passion subject area: landscape photography. Thanks to Nanã Sousa Dias, at the same time I have rediscovered analog photography, his amazing work with large formats, as well as the work of other photographers like Ansel Adams or Michael Kenna. Ansel’s technique of the Zones System is present in every image I make (well, most of the ones worth sharing anyway). It was then, when I commuted from a snapshot mode into an image making process, one I have spent all my effort in since then.

Nowadays, I am pursuing and exploring the path of long exposures (from 2 or 3 seconds to drive action into a wave or water fall, up to several hours capturing stars movement on the sky) and night photography.

My favorite time of day: day break.

My favorite shooting location: seaside.

Bring those two together and I’m in heaven.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruimelophoto/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruimphoto/

Tweeter: @ruimphoto (https://twitter.com/ruimphoto)

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