Algés, Portugal morning session

The session

Early spring, warm weather and dull sky. That would be the best description for the morning session I had yesterday at Algés, Lisbon, Portugal. Being quite close to my home, meant I could spend a couple more minutes in bed while I checked the weather forecast. In a lot more words it went: DULL. When this happens, we must make the most of the nice degrade that forms close to the horizon.

Algés is one hidden gem. Very close to Lisbon and with a train station close by. Algés has a small beach, close to a harbor facility that provides several kinds of possible images. This is not a good bathing area though! I’ve been wanting to shoot this location for quite some time now and the proximity from my bed was the main cause for this destination. The location is interesting, but there are not a big number of possible images to capture there. This is not one of those places where you run around like crazy trying to capture as many images as possible. Being close also means I can get back whenever I want. This allowed me to try and capture some videos for a VLOG. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and I need to get some work done.

With only my phone available the outcome lies in the zone of “proof-of-concept” much more than in a serious episode, hence the name “ALPHA series”, meaning an early stage of a finished product.

During the session I have captured some half-interesting images:

Alges 20170408


Scouting around Algés

In the end, when the scene is not working anymore, turn off the pressure mode and look for possible images for a later day. Make note of the angles, the time of day/sky/tide that would work better and capture some photos to help remembering it. Hint: phones with GPS can add location to the images. I capture a some images for another day at a close by location:



The recording itself was an interesting experience with several learning points:

  • It is tough to capture videos: RESPECT for all of you VLOGgers out there. It is not easy to capture, speak and provide interesting content. A loooong way for me on this one.
  • Phone is not the best option for capturing video (need holding mechanism)
  • Audio capture is tricky. Specially if the phone is more that 1 meter away.
  • Loot at the damn camera, not the screen! 🙂
  • Should record start of the session
  • Whenever I capture a good image, record a short snipet with settings information
  • During the shoot itself only worry about the videos I can’t make later. Generic information can be recorded out of the prime moments
  • Record a Hello as arriving and a thanks for watching in the end

Here is the outcome of the session:

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Have fun and GO OUT there!


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