#1MillionStepsHike Camiño de Santiago – 3 – Checklist

Welcome to the third post on the series!

On the previous post, I have covered the way I have prepared from the logistics, physical and mental perspectives.

On this post, I will cover the infamous but most useful checklists I have used.

My checklist

This is the list of items that I’m putting together to take for the hike. This list has suffered multiple evolutions, due to recommendations I received from many people much more seasoned in these adventures, as well as from personal experience on the preparation hikes.


Clothes need to be adjusted to the time of the year and expected weather conditions. On long hikes in Autumn, I expect some cold, but definitely rain.

  • 3x blisters free socks
  • 3x sports underwear
  • 3x T-shirts
  • 1x Shorts
  • 1x swimming trunks (one never knows where a shower may occur)
  • 2x convertible hiking trousers
  • 1x overall rain proof trousers
  • 1x heavy weather tight coat – replaced by a lighter wind + rain proof coat
  • 1x cap (to use for sun and avoid rain to hit my eyes)
  • 1x Hiking boots – removed needed to shave weight
  • 1x hiking shoes
  • 1x flip flops
  • 1x towel
  • 1x bandana to protect face and neck


  • Blisters band aids
  • Generic band aids
  • 1 travel shampoo bottle
  • 1 Marseille soap for shower and clothe washing (use a small mesh pouch that can be hang on the taps)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • Deodorant
  • Vaseline to treat feet every day before putting the socks on
  • Diclofenac gel (for sore muscles)
  • Paracetamol for pains (some people use Iboprufene, but I’m advised my MD not to do it myself)
  • Tooth paste ( demo size )
  • Tooth brush
  • Ear plugs

Other gear

  • 50 L Backpack
  • 2x water proof bags to take into the showers (1 for valuables and another for dry clothes)
  • Zip lock bags for everything inside the backpack (to keep things dry in case water gets in)
  • Safety pins (to hang clothes to dry, fix a zipper, etc)
  • Reflective band for back pack (BE SEEN!!) – Replaced by reflective spray paint that is used on the full back pack
  • Rope to hang clothes to dry (and to fix things if needed)
  • 2 L Water pouch for the backpack (backup as usualy I will prefer 2x 1,5L plastic soda bottles)
  • Water filter
  • 1x mug
  • 1x knife+fork+spoon tool
  • 1x Swiss-Army knife


  • Cell phone
  • 2x  20.000 MAh powerbanks (yep these are the heavy loads I’ll be carrying)
  • USB charger (8x 2.1 A)
  • USB C and B Cables
  • headphones
  • Rechargeable head lamp (*)
  • Rechargeable visibility lamps (*)
  • DJI Osmo pocket 2 + backpack holder (all images and recordings will be made with it)

(*) these two items are crucial for security purposes. as days become smaller and smaller, I will have to start hiking in pitch dark early mornings and possibly continue to hike after the evening sets in. While hiking on roads with no side walks (yes there will be a few that I won’t be able to avoid), being seen is a survival game.

Food and water

This will be quite flexible and dependent on if I’ll be in civilization or on the wilderness

  • 2x 1L water bottles
  • 2x canned sardines or tuna (reserve)
  • 1 or 2 pieces of fruit
  • boiled eggs if available
  • snacks like protein bars, marmalade, dark chocolate

And all this packs nicely into the 15 Kg of load I have planned! Lets see how much of this gets thrown away along the way…

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