#1MillionStepsHike Camiño de Santiago – 4 – A day on the journey

Welcome to the fourth post on the series!

On the previous post, I have covered my checklist for all the stuff that I will be carrying.

On this post, I will go over my plan for the typical day on the hike.

A day on the hike plan

  • Wake up by 5:00 AM: I want to get started as early as possible. I am considering that 35 KM will take 8 to 12 hours to accomplish each day, depending on accumulated height, weather conditions, mojo, etc. I will need time to find a resting place, shower, wash clothes, shop for next day breakfast/snacks.
  • Depending where I sleep either have breakfast or hit the road and eat while hiking
  • No hard schedules apart from start during the hike. Main things to keep in mind:
    • Start no later than 06:30 AM
    • Walk in slots no longer than 2 hours, have a break
    • Ideally cover 50%~60% of the day by 12:00 PM. Start warming up plan B for the night if out of this range.
    • Eat when hungry
    • Drink before being thirsty
    • Have a longer break ~1PM. Get off the legs, stretch, leverage washing clothes in a self-service store for example, or shop for goods if needed.
    • If arriving late to the sleeping place, stop to shop, as needed, for dinner, breakfast and snacks for next day
    • Snapshot on key locations or findings. I’m a sucker for these, but when I’m tired I couldn’t care less, so lets see how it plays out…
    • Record when something comes to mind. Voice recorder with voice to speech will be a big help here
    • Post occasionally on Instagram to keep family and friends up to date
  • When arriving to the sleep site:
    • Stretch
    • Shower
    • Dress for next day
    • Take light backpack with values and go out!
    • Call home #familymoment
    • Have a beer and embrace the day’s accomplishment by taking notes to support blog and associated projects
    • Light meal if I feel like it
    • Relax for a while and recharge power banks
    • Repack for next day as much as possible to reduce noise in the morning
    • Hit the sack no later than 10:30 (skeptic about this one, but lets see)

This is a plan! I’m an Agile fan and aligned with the concept that plans are useless; planning is everything. This means I will adapt as time goes by.

I have the feeling that I will lough my heart out, when I return and reread these plans…!

Next post will be focused on lessons learned so far.

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