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Unpacking my new travel mate: Canon Powershot G7x MK II

Starting what I expect will be come a steady paced channel, I am sharing the unpacking of my latest acquisition: a small sneaky yet powerful advanced camera, the Canon Powershot G7x MK II. This is the replacement camera for my travel companion, the faithful Canon G15 that has followed me around for some years now. The motivation for changing came out of a recent visit to Sweden, where I was presented with a spectacular snow fall. During that trip it was very difficult to capture the subtle but yet ever so important texture of snow.

There is something about unpacking videos that I like: they

These type of cameras are specially useful when travelling. They are compact, yet they have all the manual capabilities that allows me to do things my way when I feel like it. What has drawn me to this choice:

  • Compact: no other set of lenses needed
  • Sensor size: 1” one of the biggest sensors I could get for a compact format. Sensor size directly influences the dynamic range which was the initial cause for the change in the first place
  • Aperture: I want a fast equipment 1.8 is one of the best apertures you can find in this class of equipment
  • Wide angle: 20mm – 100mm; Just because I like to bring a lot into a frame… 🙂

Nice to haves:

  • Tilting screen: I’m not getting younger and somehow people find it strange to find a chap lying on the ground to capture an image… go figure
  • Wi-fi with advanced remote control: the phone app allows me to control everything from a distance, including through the lens image
  • Interesting FPS (frames per second): 8fps

Hope you enjoy it and make sure you drop by my youtube channel.

Here is one thorough review of the camera on DPreviewSecond Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review


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