D e s p e r t a r e s in silver

“Despertares” stands for awakenings; the early moments of the day, when the first sun light hits the sky and the street, promoting life into the city.

Having the privileged of working in one o the most beautiful areas of Lisbon city, me and a group of photography enthusiast colleagues, take a weekly challenge when every Friday, jump out of bed 3 or 4 hours earlier than usual and capture images that bless us at every occasion. The location is a clear waterscape surrounded by modern buildings, bridges, etc.. IN this gallery I gather those images that I found most pleasing.

I opted to separate the images into color and black and white, as I find somehow distracting to have them mixed together.

Here, in silver tones (also known as black and white), I gather contrasts, lines, shapes and forms of the morning soul.

Despertares in silver.


You can find the color edition here.

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