#1MillionStepsHike Camiño de Santiago – 11 – Instagram journal days 13,14,15

Day 13 (2021-Nov-01) – Águeda ->> Oliveira de Azemeis [33 Km, 42 228 steps]


#1milhaodepassos #onemillionstepshike day 14 – Águeda -》Oliveira de Azemeis. The day started cool and damp, with fog banks popping up here and there during the whole morning. The first hours of the day provided me close encounters with the extinct FAMEL factory, several palatial houses either abandoned or in ruins, leftovers from a Halloween party and mirror like water pots where I would clearly spend hours photographing… Closer to noon, a real oasis allowed me to cool down my feet in some ice cold running water. Some unpaved roads, but in good conditions, allowed me to evolve at a good pace. Lodging options are scarce, but my parent’s treat came in the form of a hotel room reservation in a central hotel. Mom and Dad, many thanks for the continued support! It was clothes washing day and after that a quick bite before collapsing on the best bed of the journey so far. Tomorrow a new challenge will require a route change to assure a room for the night. I’m continuing to avoid shared rooms due to the current ongoing COVID pandemic. Be safe. #tchauaíócatano

Day 14 (2021-Nov-02) – Oliveira de Azemeis ->> Perosinho [39 Km, 51 845 steps]


#1milhaodepassos #onemillionstepshike day 14 – Oliveira de Azemeis -》Pedroso. The day went through without any major issues or accidents, so all & all a success. It was also the hardest day so far. It rained heavily during most of the day, with some fresh wind as company. Spent the day going from being cold, to being covered in sweat, when the path turned uphill, which happened a lot. On top of this demanding day, Pedroso, where I would stop for the night, wasn’t directly on the path, but no other options for a single room were available, so no workaround there. On the path there was a lot of rocks, good people sending me safe travel wishes and a pour soul that drove through a pot sending a lot of water my way, probably convinced that could make me wet 🤣. Poor ignorant. Karma will settle up with you, trust me. The stop for the night was again arranged by my parents, to whom I thank for the continued support. This time it was a guest house, close to an #intermarche. It was easy to gather supplies for dinner and the next day. #tchauaíócatano

Day 15 (2021-Nov-03) – Perosonho ->> Labrujes [42 Km, 55 201 steps]


#1milhaodepassos #onemillionstepshike day 15 – Pedroso -》Labruge. Today I have crossed a major landmark: Douro river. But starting from the beginning: 6:12 AM as the alarm clock goes off I hear the sound of sheer desperation. It was raining cats and dogs. I looked at the rain gear and all I wanted to do was cry. My description of yesterday was barely covered by a bare bottom state of mind and I wasn’t ready for another day like that. Zero day? Not a chance. The place I was staying wasn’t the best to leverage a zero day. I pulled myself together and checked the weather forecast to try to come up with any decent kind of plan. It was sunny by 8:00 AM! Had breakfast, packed everything, refilled my water bottles and while doing that I looked up and found a beautiful blue sky. It was then 7:20 AM. Oh boy what a rush! It took me less than 10 minutes before I was closing the gate to the guest house behind me and hitting the road once again. 5°C and sunshine, perfect conditions for hiking. Up ahead at Carvalhos, I had a couple of expressos and a few kms after that I was back on the path that took me through interesting small woods that took me up to Gaia’s neighborhood. Few moments after that, I was ready to cross the river and took the time for a quick rest and snack. Porto would be the natural stop, but I want to continue to push forward. Down I go to the river margin, quick stop at cathedral and quick stepping again to Foz and Matosinhos. After a long wait for the drawbridge to come back down, I got to Leça beach by 3PM. I then realized that to my estimates, it was 11Km to go for the day. I was wrong, again. It was 16 Km to go and they were covered in just 3 hours, with the biggest effort I pulled so far. My feet were very sore and my legs were cramping. For soul food, I couldn’t resist a portion of “Tripas à moda do Porto” and a nice red wine. They work wonders. Tomorrow I expect a softer day. #tchauaíócatano

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