TravelAround: Gävle and Sandviken, Sweden

November 2016.
In Lisbon I start packing my cabin sized bag with my first (of many I hope) trip to Sweden. Outside a warm Autumn with temperatures around 18º C strongly influences me on the choices I make regarding clothing. A quick check on one of many weather forecast sites, focus me on a reality around 0ºC an possible some snow. Just in case I throw in a pair of gloves and a warm cap; wise choice I would come to realize!

After some delays on the flight and hops, I finally landed in Arlanda, Stockholm, Sweden. 2 a.m. I crash in a hotel airport, not taking much notice on how white the outside was. Next day I woke up for a Christmas scene :). As a Lisbon based Portuguese, I don’t have many chances to come across serious snow and this one was serious! It had snowed the whole night and news were announcing 20 cm of packed snow during the night. I was ecstatic.

Christian, my Swedish friend was kind enough to meed me and drive me to our client. Almost 200 km away in a snowy road and landscape. I just felt like jumping out of the car and start shooting! But hey… work first… 🙂

Sandviken was covered in snow and kept that way during the 3 days.

Sweden 2016 – Sandviken

Gävle, 20 km away was much in the same way.

As a summary, I loved Sweden. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and marvelous food. I’m hooked!

Thank you Christian Nielsen for welcoming me and showing me around. Had a great time!

Tech stuff:
Canon G15, handheld.

Experience technicalities
Global [B] – Want to be back with my familly
Safety (see GPI)  2 (out of 5)
(Lower is safer)
Photographic potential  

Architecture, Street, People, Landscape

Weather  Clowdy, cold and snow (November, Winter)

5 hours, VISA not needed for European citizens


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