Cheap DIY solution for humidity-safe storage

If you are a lover of seascape photography, or love to be outside shooting when the weather is rough (a.k.a. the landscape photographer’s favorite weather), you should consider having some sort of humidity-safe storage for your gear. Of course you can throw in money at it, and buy a humidity controlled cabinet, but if you prefer spending cash in some other way, here is a simple, cost effective way of doing it. All you need is:

  • An air tight plastic box: size it to your needs; just make sure there are some sort of locking mechanism to avoid unwanted cover removal.
  • Silica gel: I have opted for pellets because its easier to check for saturation, but you can use it in any format, including pre-sealed bags
  • A way to measure moister level (hygrometer): any kind will do. You just need to know the level in order to understand if you need to:
    • remove some silica – in case the moister level falls to 30% or bellow
    • add some silica – in case the moister level goes above 50%
    • replace – in case the box has been behaving well within the expected level but recently started to go up and is always above the 50% mark. Check for silica color and replace if needed.


If you are into IoT you can even broadcast those readings to your system and send out alarms. More to come on this soon.

In the meanwhile, here is another episode of HANDS-ON, still in the ALPHA series. As always, keep the feedback/questions/suggestions flowing!

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